Software Training Overview

The Evosus Online Learning Center offers the luxury of completing training courses at your own pace anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. After purchasing your 30 day access pass to courses from Shop Evosus, you will receive login instructions within 1 business day.

Review the self-paced online training course descriptions below to determine which courses are needed most for your staff. Evosus has two types of online training videos:

Show Me
Our standard online training video courses demonstrate how to use the software according to best business practices. Each training course consists of multiple short clip training modules that can be completed at your own pace.

Build Me
Learn how to setup the software and understand the implications of various setup options. The courses below are categorized by either Show Me or Build Me courses. Review the classes below for a complete list of course descriptions, estimated lengths and pricing for 30 day access.


Show Me

T01. Introduction to Evosus: $39.99

Time Estimate: 20 minutes

Have you ever driven in a new town with no GPS or map? Of course not! Just like an unfamiliar town, Evosus is new territory; so many places to go and multiple ways to get there. The Introduction to Evosus training course is your map of Evosus. Becoming familiar with the basic navigation of the software before beginning in depth training is your key to success!


T02. Inventory Item Management: $79.99

Time Estimate: 1 hour

Updating inventory items can seem overwhelming. This course will teach you how to utilize the inventory Item Profiles to edit anything related to an inventory item, from Item Vendor Relationships to Inventory Notes.


T03. Quotes and Sales Orders: $89.99

Time Estimate: 1 hour

The Quotes and Sales Orders course walks you through the steps from creating a quote to invoicing an order. You'll learn about Evosus kits, assigning serial numbers and how to perform a write-off, when you are not able to collect a customer's database.


T04. Service and Delivery: $89.99

Time Estimate: 1 hour

The Service Department is often an integral part of any company. Evosus has built a program that allows you to quickly create detailed Service Orders, and efficiently manage your service department. This training course will teach you how to effectively use the tools Evosus provides to improve your service department processing.


T05. Maintenance Contracts: $89.99

Time Estimate: 1.25 hours

Managing Maintenance Contracts without Evosus can often feel like an endless battle. You're spending hours upon hours creating the same old service orders for your techs each week, or manually typing in multiple credit card or check payments. That sounds about as fun as going to a Chuck E. Cheese's that offers free coffee to children. This course will teach you how to have Evosus automatically create the orders and services tasks and how you can easily mass invoice and take customer payments in bulk.


T06. Vendor Purchase Orders: $89.99

Time Estimate: 1.5 hours

Creating and receiving vendor purchase orders correctly play a significant role in accurate inventory control. Evosus provides the tools for you to confidently create, manage and receive your vendor purchase orders, but what good are tools when you don't know how to use them? Through this training course you'll learn multiple ways to create a purchase order, how to receive your inventory in Evosus, how to manage your inventory and how to create and use Reorder Alerts.


T07. Point-of-Sale: $79.99

Time Estimate: 45 minutes

Point-of-Sale, if not managed correctly can be the starting point for discrepancies related to inventory, customer history and customer payments. This training course will teach you how to fight these types of discrepancies by learning the rules on proper cash drawer management, how to perform basic Point-of-Sale transactions such as Sales, Returns and Exchanges, and how to manage your overall Point-of-Sale activity.


T08. Accounts Payable: $109.99

Time Estimate: 1.25 hours

Bills. Bills. Bills. We all got em! It's important to know how to record, pay and manage bills correctly. Sticky notes on invoices or on the sides of your computer screen just are not going to cut it anymore. Take this course to learn how to record, pay and manage vendor invoices correctly. You'll also learn how to manage serial numbers on floor plan financing.


T09. Accounts Receivable : $109.99 

Time Estimate: 1 hour

In the Accounts Receivable training course you will learn how to assess and manage finance charges and statement charges, process customer statements, receive customer check payments in batch, research past payments across all customers, create credit memos and review the Accounts Receivable Aging Report.


T10. Banking: $109.99 

Time Estimate: 1 hour

Accurate, up-to-date banking records are vital to the success of your business. Wise financial decisions cannot be made without having accurate banking records. This course will teach you how record you bank transactions, such as deposits and reconciliations, quickly in Evosus. You'll also learn how to fight discrepancies, correct mistakes, and reference past bank records.


T11. Accounting Desk: $109.99

Time Estimate: 45 minutes

In order to have any transactions within Evosus recorded into the general ledger, you must complete a posting process. It's important to understand how posting occurs and when posting should be processed since transactions do not impact your financial statements until posted. This course will teach you the two ways the posting process can occur, how to record general journal entries and run financial statements.


T12. Accounting Reports: $109.99

Time Estimate: 1 hour

Learn what reports will offer you the information you need to run your accounting department. During this course you will learn where the reports are located, the filters available when running them and what reports you may need to manage your accounting department.


T13. Inter-Company Purchase Orders - $89.99

Time Estimate: 45 minutes

Throughout this training series we’ll walk you through the process of creating, filling and receiving an Inter-Company Purchase Order. You may also hear us refer to them as an ICPO throughout the series.


T14. Physical Counts - $89.99

Time Estimate: 1 hour and 30 minutes

In the Physical Counts course you will start with an overview of the Physical Count process. Next, you will receive a detailed explanation of Valuation on Hand and the importance of understanding Valuation on Hand versus Quantity on Hand. In the following videos we'll discuss the importance of reviewing the pre-count screens in order to resolve any pending inventory transactions, such as open orders or negative quantities on hand, how to proceed with the count, making inventory adjustments, and reviewing reports.


T15. Points Reward Program - $49.99

Time Estimate: 30 minutes 

Running customer loyalty programs is easy in Evosus!  This training reviews the different types of reward programs offered in Evosus, how to set them up, and how to add customers easily.


T16. Job Costing - $299.00

Time Estimate: 3 hours (+ 30 minute live consultation)

This course will review how to setup, create and manage jobs in Evosus. You will also have a 30 minute live webinar consultation with an Evosus Trainer to review processes and answer any questions.


T17. Sales Promotions - $39.99

Time Estimate: 30 minutes 

Encourage sales, provide transparency to employees, and reduce errors in promotional pricing by using Evosus Sales Promotions.  This course includes adding, viewing, and updating promotions, as well as reviewing the Promotion Analysis Report.


T18. Mobile Service - $109.99

Time Estimate: 1 hour 

This course includes a quick overview of Evosus Mobile Service, how to set up Site Profiles and Service Prompts, how to manage the back office, and a Tech Quick Start Guide so they can learn on the job without any downtime.



Build Me

Accounting Build Me: $179.99

Time Estimate: 3.75 hours

Accounting is a large part of the Evosus Software. Many transactions completed in Evosus have a direct impact on Accounting which is why it's necessary to understand how to setup your database the first time. The Accounting Build Me course contains 28 separate short clip videos to provide you all the information you need to successfully build the accounting portions of your database.


Inventory Build Me: $179.99

Time Estimate: 1.5 hours 

Inventory management is necessary to have a successful business in any industry. The Inventory Build Me course consists of 11 short clip videos. You will learn how to organize your inventory in Evosus so employees can easily navigate to the items they need, build Stock Sites to house your inventory quantities, understand how to build your Units of Measure and so much more.


Service Build Me: $179.99

Time Estimate: 1 hour

During the Service Build Me course you will learn how to setup your service department to run as smoothly as possible. This course includes how to setup your Techs into Evosus, setting up the Tech Skills Matrix which determines which techs are available to schedule based on their skill level, quadrants they work in, and the problems they are capable of working on, setting up your quadrants and routes and more. This course consists of 7 short clip videos.